Deborah's Success Story

Our sweet Scarlett just turned one on July 30. It was a big moment for us, and has been a glorious year with her in our lives.

I developed AS following a tragic pregnancy loss at 5.5 months. Following delivery of our baby, the placenta had to be ripped out. A d&c was performed for retained placenta about 10 days following delivery. For the next few months I had severe cyclical pain. I would bring myself to the emergency at the hospital crying and asking what was wrong with me. The doctors were clueless. After about three months of pain and no blood, the doctor suggested I have an HSG to check for something very rare.

During the HSG, no dye could get through. The doctor suspected that I had AS. I immediately went home and googled AS. Fortunately, this group was the first hit I got and I haven’t looked back since. The women on this site lead me to an amazing doctor, and encouraged me not to be treated locally by someone less experienced in AS. In December of 2005 I flew to the US with my husband and had surgery. The doctor was able to completely clear my uterus. Following surgery I took about 50 something days of hormones, and my periods resumed on a regular basis, although definetly much lighter than pre AS. It was just such a relief to actually get blood out. After getting back into shape both mentally and physically, a number of months later we started ttc and after two months of trying we conceived our Scarlett.

Although Scarlett’s pregnancy was normal aside from the gestational diabetes that I had had in other pregnancies, Scarlett's delivery didn't go exactly as planned. She was stuck, and so was delivered via a somewhat emergency c-section. I had quite severe pain immediately following the c-section, and for a few weeks following. I then had trapped periods for a few months, no blood came out.

Before agreeing to have surgery here in Canada I had an in office hysteroscopy. The camera could not break through the scarring in my cervix. I requested an HSG and luckily the dye broke through the scar tissue and I now get a little bit of blood through during my periods. The HSG pictures showed a very scarred up uterus, although I am not sure what severity it would be called. The doctors have advised that I not become pregnant as the pregnancy would be very dangerous.

Since we have decided not to have more children (we are blessed with two, one pre AS and one post AS) I have elected not to have corrective surgery for my AS. If I do have the surgery, it will be with the same doctor I saw in the US, and not here in Canada.

I do live in almost constant pain still, I attribute this to much trapped blood, and bad endometriosis. I am going to start doing acupuncture in an attempt to get things flowing a little better on my left side where most of the pain lies. Just thought I'd share my story with the newcomers to provide some hope. Keep your dreams alive and they will come to you....thanks ladies, Deb.

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