Christy's Success Story

My post AS baby arrived on 8/28/08 with no complications. Her name is Reese Sheri Brunton and she came at 37 weeks 4 days weighing 6 lbs 2 ounces. Hopefully my story will give all of you starting your journey a little hope.

After a C-Section to deliver my twin girls in May 2005, I hemorrhaged due to retained placenta and had to have a DNC two weeks after my delivery. This is where the AS all started. After no period for nine months after the birth of my twin girls, one of my doctors (not the OB who caused this) mentioned the word Ashermans. Within 24 hours I found this Website and pretty much self diagnosed myself.

I found an A-List doctor through this site and had my first surgery with him in February 2007. I found out that I was 100% scarred (also called a complete whiteout). He was able to get 80% out at the first surgery. I had a second surgery in May 2007 but had trouble with the stent falling out so I ended up re-scarring. I had a third and final surgery in August 2007 and my HSG came back showing only 10% scarring. After that, my doctor gave me the green light to TTC in October.

My husband and I tried in November and tried again in December. In December 2007, I had my endometrial lining measured at mid-cycle and it came back at a 4 mm so I knew it wasn't going to be our month...but, it was! I got pregnant on a 4 mm lining! My AS doctor started me on Progesterone and watched me closely.

I am happy to say that I had one of the most uncomplicated pregnancies. I bled only one night at 8 weeks, had some nausea due to the progesterone in the first three months and that is it. I was being watched closely at a high risk doctor. I got a million ultrasounds (I think 25 in total) but everything looked good. I did start having some low amniotic fluid issues around week 36 but I don’t believe these were due to my AS. I delivered at 37.5 weeks via C-Section. We were prepared in the OR for a hysterectomy just in case since I was showing some signs of possible accreeta, but I ended up not having to have a hysterectomy even though my placenta was a little sticky.

So, all in all, a great post AS pregnancy. I still can't believe I have my baby girl after 100% scarring and three surgeries! Most doctors would have written me off and told me to adopt, but the doctor I found through this site was able to give me my baby!

Good luck to all of you starting your journey...there are many happy endings now that you know what you are dealing with!

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