Astrid's Success Story

I’d like to write down my “success story” to motivate women or other members of the group to stay positive while having Asherman’s Syndrome… 

In May 2001 I gave birth to my little son. 7 weeks after my delivery I had a D&C (06-29-01) because of placenta pieces left in my uterus. During the D&C I lost a lot of blood so that my HB was only 7.3. After waking up from the general anaesthetic, the doctor said to me I could be glad that my uterus is still at its place... 

I breast-fed my son for half a year (11-20-2001) and didn't expect to have my period. In January I went to see my gynaecologist to tell her that my period didn't appear yet. She told me that it isn't unusual because of the breast-feeding and the D&C and gave me "Agnucaston" (it's called monk pepper). She wanted to see me after finishing these pills, which would have meant 3 months! My period didn't reappear two month thereafter and I went to see her again because I was already worried. 

A blood test resulted that all hormones are in the standard range. This time she gave me "Primosiston" (2 mg Norethisteronacetat, 0,01 mg Ethinylestradiol) for 10 days but my period didn't appear. She made an ultrasound 12 days after finishing Primosiston and there was nothing to see, no lining. My RE arranged an appointment for me in the hospital that has made the D&C and told me that she is sure that it is "Asherman's syndrome" and that it means not to have children again. She wanted me to have a hysteroscopy. 

A friend of mine who is also a gynaecologist at a hospital, told me only to go to a Asherman's specialist to make the hysteroscopy. A few days later I met Asherman’s Group and got in contact with a member from Germany. She told me to go to a specialist in Hamburg to have a hysteroscopy. I saw the specialist on the 6th of June 2002 and had a hysteroscopy, the result was Asherman’s severity grade 2-3. Before the hysteroscopy he found my cervix closed and both tubes completely blocked. The doctor removed all of the scars by using forceps and a laser (to avoid bleeding because the scars were too deep). Directly after finishing the surgery I got an injection of 10 mg "Progynon" into my muscles. I took hormones for 3 months (Cyclosa) and 1 month Cyclosa and Cyclo-Progynova even if recommended for 6 months. My period returned already after 4 weeks and I got pregnant in November 2002! On the 1st of August 2003 I finally gave birth to a healthy little girl. I needed to have another D&C directly after the birth of my daughter since I started to bleed heavily because of retained placenta again. I hope that this time my period will return without having a hysteroscopy! Anyway our family is now complete with two healthy kids – a son and a daughter. That’s all we’ve been dreaming of! 

I guess with the support of the members of the Asherman’s Group, this turned out to be one of the success stories. I’m so grateful that I met the group and especially one German member, whose success story made me join the group and find the specialist I was searching for.

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