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This page contains the many success stories of conception after Ashermans. We hope that you will find these stories inspiring and hopeful. Keep checking in, as we plan to continually update this page! If you have a success story that you would like to share, please email us. Please indicate in your email if you would like your story posted to the website.

Cases of Successful Pregnancy with untreated Ashermans

For my husband and me it all started following a miscarriage in 2008 which resulted in an emergency D&C a few weeks later due to an infection.  After my miscarriage we waited a few months for my body to heal and started trying after that to get pregnant again.  After months and months of disapointment I went back in to see my Ob/Gyn to see what could be going on.  She ran me through several procedures.  I went in for a hystersoscopy as they had found a polyp on my uterus during a separate procedure and thought that maybe they had found what was preventing another pregnancy.  On the day of my procedure my doctor discovered scar tissue and stopped the procedure as she didn't want to cause further damage.  I was crushed when they woke me up...why us?  It was at this time that she recomended I see a specialist who happend to be a fertility specialist to have a laproscopy procedure.  I didn't want was at this point I completely gave up hope!  My husband told me that I needed to see the doctor just to see what he had to say.  I met with him and told him what was happening.  They scheduled me for laproscopy surgery the end of April in 2009.  My husband and I went about our days not worrying about what was going to occur.  My husband had just lost his fater at the end of Feburary tragically and that put a lot of things in perspective for us.  We went on vacation at the end of March in 2009 and just enjoyed ourselves and let go of everything.  We came home from our vacation and got back into reality.  I was out planting corn and just felt odd.  When I got home that evening I quick took a pregnancy test and it immediately came back positive.  I was scared/excited/petrified all at the same time.  I told my husband and showed him my positive test and he had the same reaction.  Did we just do something that is going to result in devistation?  I am supposed to have surgery that coming Wednesday...what did we do???  We didn't know what to do...  I called my doctor Monday AM first thing and they sent me to a clinic to verify the pregancy result.  Sure enough...I got a call I was pregnant and the levels looked good.  My doctors office called and said they had cancelled my surgery but held that appt for me to see the doctor.  I had an ultrasound done and everything looked great and I had no worry.  My doctor told me not to worry but understood our concern about getting pregnant if that would result in another loss without this procedure and he said absolutly not.  I did not have any complications for my pregnancy and threw up everyday for 20 weeks all day long.  I went into labor exactly at 37 weeks and our son was born Dec 6, 2009 at 37.1 weeks weighing 6 lbs 1 oz and measured 17 1/2 inces long.  My husband and I look back and reflect a lot...  Did his dad make the ultimate sacrifice for us to have a baby or was it us not caring what happended anymore and enjoyed ourselves that brought us our wonderful little souvenir.  I sure hope this helps you and keeps up your spirits!!  Never ever give up hope but try not to think about it. 

I also learned that as long as you are having a "period" then there is still hope.

Jamie's Story

My first daughter was born in 2008 after a normal pregnancy.  3 weeks after
she was born however I hemmorhaged and it was discovered I had retained
placenta and needed a D&C.  Everything seemed to go fine except after 2
years postpartum and my period still hadn't returned.   I nursed my daughter
until she was 2 and my doctor thought that might be the cause.  Finally, 2.5
years pp and still no period, my doctor sent me to an OB and we discussed
Asherman's.  i was not having any periods at all, no cyclical pain or
anything at all (it was kind of nice actually except i was wanting to get
pregnant again!).  She did a hysteroscopy ( I think that's what it's called,
where they go in with a little camera).  she said that she saw a significant
amount of scar tissue and that it definitely looked like Asherman's but that
she wanted to also to the ultrasound where they insert dye because she
wanted to make sure that what she had seen was scar tissue and not muscle.
I bled after the hysteroscopy and afterwards started getting my period
again.  My OB told me to just go ahead and try to get pregnant then, but I
insisted we do the ultrasound test first because I didn't want to go through
the heartbreak of trying to get and stay pregnant while being full of scar
tissue.  I wanted to treat the Asherman's first.  But the universe had other
plans and before I could even have the ultrasound I found myself pregnant
despite being "careful".  We were delighted but scared at the same time and
were very guarded with who we shared our news with for a long time.  I did
end up with a low-lying placenta, which eventually corrected itself and
otherwise had a normal pregnancy.  My second daughter was born in January
2012.  Second babies do come faster and I accidentally had her at home in my
bathroom (another loooong story).  Baby was fine and healthy but once we got
to the hospital I bled out really badly and was rushed into surgery for
blood transfusions and another D&C for retained placental fragments.  My DD2
is now 9 months old and sleeping in my lap as I type this.  My period has
not returned yet but she still nurses quite a bit.  Who knows if I will have
Asherman's again after the second D&C, but we only ever planned on having
two so I don't see myself going through much to correct it unless it causes
other problems.


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