Natasha's Story

My name is Natasha Sliva, I'm 39 years by now and I been diagnosed with severe Ashermans syndrome almost 5 years ago. I found your site only about a year ago, but ever since I never manage to contact anyone or join the yahoo groups due to the links don't seem to function. I bought the Ashermans syndrome book and everyone in the book speaks about the A list doctors.

 In the Ashermans book I read about all these women who took the choice to do a D&C after a miscarriage and that's how they got the Ashermans and how they regret the choice, and I would love to tell all those women my story, as I did the choice to go all natural and let my body expel by itself and for me that was not a very clever choice. First of all it took weeks, so my body felt pregnant several weeks even if I knew it was not, on top of that I got the miscarriage at a small boat with friends of friends so not very comfortable situation, as if miscarriage is not really comfortable enough you don't want to be in a small space on the water with people you don't know. At last the miscarriage did not get out all the bits so after stomach pain for a week after the natural miscarriage I was told to go and do an D&C as I had a lot of bits left and they could make my uterus get infected. It was after this D&C I got my severe asherman, and still they only did a light D&C. So I did all the "right choices" and still I ended up with an D&C and Asherman. I could not have done it differently as if I didn't had an D&C I would probably get infected and very sick. But if doctors had more knowledge they could have used other tools while doing the D&C, as a light D&C did not even help me from scarring. So for all of those women who regret they chose D&C I just want to say that you probably would have ended up with it anyway, but after more difficulties before you end up with the D&C choice as the only choice, so do not regret that choice, instead ask doctors to do it differently.

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