Our History

The International Asherman’s Association was founded inCyprus by Poly Spyrou in December 1999. Her own tragic story was the reason for it’s creation  Her story begins with the loss of her twin pregnancy in the summer of 1999 at 24 weeks gestation.  She had retained placenta which led to an infection and a D&C which in turn led to the diagnosis of Ashermans Syndrome. 

 Poly used the internet as her way to search for information on the syndrome but unfortunately in those days there was little if not NO information whatsoever which could help guide her. In her frustration, she spent hours trying to find someone who could give her answers but to no avail.  Then the idea of creating a support group on Yahoo came and slowly the group grew into a support group not only for her but for thousands of women all over the world. The information that women shared there and their experiences and choices of doctors allowed her to put together the website www.ashermans.org which today gets over 10,000 unique visitors a month. 

In 2010, the International Asherman’s Association became a registered non profit organization in the USA and this has allowed for various events to take place across the globe through sponsorship and donations with the aim of educating both doctors and patients on the Syndrome.

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International Ashermans Association

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