My name is Ling, and was born in 1976. I am a Singaporean living in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Shortly after I got married in 2007, I was pregnant but it was not a viable pregnancy (presence of water sac but no foetus). A D&C was performed in July 2007.  But a miracle happened, and my beautiful daugther was born in Dec 2008.

We started trying for 2nd child in June 2010, but to no avail. In June 2011, after consulting few doctors, I had IUI. I tested positive, but lost it at 6th week (no heartbeat - til now, I wonder if my travelling had caused my miscarriage). A D&C was performed in July 2011, by the same doctor who performed my first D&C and whom delivered my daughter. Post op, I didn't have menstruation. With courses of hormone treatment, my menses finally came in Oct 2011, but was very light.

In March 2012, a fertility doctor in Singapore did a hysteroscopy & D&C to remove lesions, followed by 1 month of Progynova and 14 days of Norethisterone treatment. Post hysteroscopy, menses continued to be light (2 days), same as prior to hyst.

Post treatment, we had gone for IVF (1st cycle my lining was still 7mm. BFP but lost at 5th week. Dr said is a chemical pregnancy. 2nd cycle BFN.)

In Sept 2012, I started acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine. It wasn't an easy process (twice a week acupuncture, plus tons of yucky chinese herbal medicine twice a day) but I was determined to try anything.  Ovulation seemed to improve in the sense that I could see positive test results on ovulation test kits. Previously, I couldn't get clear positive results. Started TTC in Dec 2012, but with no results. Did IUI early March 2013 with 7.5mm lining - BFN.

Mid March 2013, I stopped chinese herbal medicine on advisement from Ob/Gyn. Ob/Gyn wants me to take a break for 3 months (as I've been pumping too much meds into my system), and then go back to him to see if I need further hormone treatment.

Til now, there has not been a doctor who has told me if I still have AS, or why my lining continues to be thin. So I am also not sure if my lining will ever improve.  My local Ob/Gyn told me to go for HSG this month to check for any residual scarring.  I've also contacted an A List doctor in Australia (being nearest to where I stay) Sydney and want to go to him for hysteroscopy.  However, sadly, his schedule is ful til early July 2013.  If anyone has any recommendations for A List doctor in this region, I would very much appreciate your comments.  Thank you very much.

Everyday when I look at my daugther, my heart is filled with pride and happiness, but sadness too.  I'm very sad that I can't give her a brother and sister that she's been asking for.....

This seems a long and dark journey, not knowing if I can catch the glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel.  But I love reading all these success stories from the Group, always wondering if I will one day post my own success story?  One can only hope and pray.....

Best regards


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