Brenda's Story

Brenda's Story

I finally had my procedures in February 2009: hysteroscopy and laproscopy and my new doc performed the procedure and confirmed there is scarring, and removed the scar tissue.

Her statement to my hubby: Brenda's hunch was right. It was scarring.

I am so relieved. I've been dreading and looking forward to this appt since the holidays. I'm glad I found this group and immersed myself with all the knowledge and advice you all had to offer. I went back 2 weeks later for follow-up and none of the tissue had reformed.

A bit of background:
I have a 6yo son who was an uneventful PG. Had to have C/S due to failure to progress. I'd felt like somehow my body failed and desperately wanted to deliver naturally.... next time. Now I just want to deliver a healthy baby by the safest means possible, which God willing will now be able to happen.

About a year and 1/2 after my son, I had a mirena inserted. Loved it. Never had to think about BCP and got lighter periods.

I had mirena removed about 10 mos later when we were ready to TTC again. My periods were light for the 2 mos after it was removed and I mentioned it to my OB and she didn't think anything of it.

I had a MC at 11-12 weeks, plus D&C. No testing was done on the POC (products of conception) since it was my first MC (miscarriage). I was devastated to say the least. I was measuring extremely small, 6-8weeks if memory serves. I read this from the D&C report from my OB, which I requested in November of this year.

After recovering from this MC, we waited a few months before TTC again. Periods remained light and never came back to normal as I had them before Mirena. I asked OB about this and she still said not to worry, probably hormonal. I got PG again in Sept of that year (just under a year from the previous PG) and miscarried at about 8 weeks. OB tried to perform testing on tissue this time but it was inconclusive. She also commented that there was not much tissue. I was spotting pretty heavily for week leading up to MC but no major clots were passed. She gave me options again for treating the MC but seemed to lean toward D&C again due to chance for hemorrhaging. I agreed due to this as well as so I could get the tissues tested.

My theory is that the baby could implant and grow, and that the scarring was preventing proper growth throughout he uterus and this is what was ending the PG each time.

Again, light periods continued after this 2nd MC. I mentioned to OB again and vocalized my concern that I thought there was a connection betw light periods and MCs, and asked if Mirena could be the cause. Again, she thought Mirena was not the cause but suggested a hysterosoligram (sp?) to check out my uterus.

When I researched it at home, I was CONVINCED I had ashermans. Imagine my shock when it revealed no abnormalities, except that one tube was refluxing the dye. She explained this was common biological reaction to dye and was not conclusive.

Then referred me to a RE for a more thorough work-up on the light periods. This RE did not suggest any additional surgical procedures to confirm or rule out scarring, but I figured RE's know best so didn't pursue. From internet postings, I read it could be a variety of different hormonal reasons and convinced myself it wasn't scarring.

Frustrated, I agreed to every test the RE suggested: bloodwork. More bloodwork. Daily US scans in days leading up to ovulation to confirm that I was ovulating properly. Then an injection at home to help ensure I ovulated and provided a more conducive environment for implantation. Then after I became PG again (and more optimistic this time since I was working under an RE's care), baby aspirin, daily injections plus hormone suppositories. I'm guessing the hormones made if "feel" more like a PG, cuz I had morning sickness as with my first healthy PG that carried to term. I did not have that with the previous 2 PGs that ended in MC.

Vaginal US at 5 weeks showed good progress on my last PG. Good fetal pole. I was very optimistic.

Then we went in for a 7-wk checkup to confirm heartbeat and for my graduation appt to return to my OB and the world was shifted upside down once again. No HB, no growth since last US.

Went back to my OB to confirm diagnosis a week later and she confirmed. And again offered options leaning toward the D&C. I agreed and wanted the tissue testing again.

This time, there was enough tissue and it confirmed a chromosomal abnormality which would not have resulted in carrying the PG. But I asked my OB: what if it was not chromosomal, would it have been a healthy PG? Of course, she had no way of knowing nor predicting.

Since the RE's only suggestion to me on that very emotionally-charged last appt was "maybe try the IVF route next", I was not about to go back to her again. I know my body. The issue was not getting PG. It was staying PG and the RE was out of options. Stuffing my eggs into me wouldn't solve the problem. I can only imagine what losing multiples would feel like.

So while at the hospital for genetics counseling, I asked them for any recs on other REs, and they suggested a new one so I switched RE’s.

This new RE really listened to me about my concerns with light periods. She suggested the hyst procedure as part of standard workup, esp given my history and light periods. Thank god she did.

So I left the out-patient facility feeling slightly drugged but giddy with excitement that I have another chance at a healthy PG, and probably a better chance at a successful PG than over the past 3-4 years. Unfortunately, the waits at her office were 2hours+ each visit and she showed very poor bedside manner at my last appointment, telling me to give it another 6 months of trying, or to call her for another appointment if I became impatient and wanted to try something else.

After some soul searching, I decided to try yet another RE. At our first appointment, he reviewed all of my records including the photos of the pre and post hyst/lap procedure and was convinced the tissue was not scarring in my uterus, but a septum. He did a full workup on me that first cycle and noticed my lining was really thin so he suggested Clomid. I went on it for 3 cycles and while it made me really moody and short-tempered, I got pregnant on the third round. Growth was good, and I was referred back to my OB. Due to the history of all the miscarriages, I chose a fresh start with a new OB that this RE referred.

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and we learned we are having a little girl. All signs are that this pregnancy is healthy and I will carry to term.

So after all this, I’m not sure whether or not I have or had Asherman’s. My first RE missed it entirely. My second RE said it was scarring but would not answer if the scarring was caused by the D&Cs or not, and she said it was not likely but there was no way to tell for sure. My third RE said it was not scarring but a septum. So where does this leave me? After having one child and finally (hopefully) achieving a second successful pregnancy after three miscarriages in a row, I am done trying to achieve. Before all of this, I may have wanted a third child, but now I feel very blessed to have the chance for #2. This board and Poly have been extremely helpful and a great resource to me.

I still think the miscarriages may have been caused by the mirena or scarring from one of the D&Cs, but I have no way of knowing for sure. I hope my story inspires others and gives you hope in your fertility journeys.

Submitted February 2011.

Brenda in Michigan


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