Sara's Success Story

My Asherman’s journey started in May 2012, a few weeks after our move from the US to Singapore, with a D&C performed after the embryo stopped growing at six weeks. The first signs were light spotting and then cramps. My OBGYN at the time confirmed that the baby had stopped growing via two repeat HCG blood tests and recommended to have the D&C performed the same day the test results came back.

After waiting the recommended two to three months before trying to conceive again, I noticed I wasn’t ovulating (my periods had always been irregular) and I consulted a different OBGYN. She quite quickly diagnosed me with PCOS and offered Clomid and Femara (as well as a trigger shot) to ensure I ovulated regularly. After three months (with successful ovulation induction and one IUI) she was at a loss as my lining wouldn’t go beyond 5mm (even with the help of oestrogen and Viagra). She referred me to a fertility specialist who performed an HSG. The cycle the HSG was performed my lining made it to 7mm and I conceived with the help of Femara, a trigger shot and IUI. However, this pregnancy ended up a chemical pregnancy. The HSG also showed a very small cavity so that my fertility doctor and now third OBGYN recommended a hysteroscopy with a laparoscopy (as the chemical pregnancy left me with a cyst on one of my ovaries).

The surgery revealed adhesions mainly on the fundus as well as a hypoplastic uterus (small uterus). While my adhesions were removed, I had two small perforations at the fundus which had to be stitched up via laparoscopy. My OBGYN placed a copper IUD and put me on high doses of oestrogen for three cycles. During the last month he performed a saline sonogram to determine if there was any regrowth of adhesions. The uterus seemed open and I was cleared to TTC (but only given a 50/50 chance to carry to term). I conceived that first month (again with Femara and a trigger shot). Although I was monitored weekly and given HCG injections and progesterone supplementation, this pregnancy ended at 9 weeks (August 2013).

Due to my history of Asherman’s my OBGYN recommended misoprostol to miscarry at home. While I passed the sac and most POC, some remained (even after waiting out one natural period). This meant another hysteroscopy to remove any POC (which turned out to be minimal) since my OBGYN wanted to avoid another D&C at all cost.

At this point my OBGYN recommended surrogacy as the only way he could explain this last miscarriage was due to a small uterus. My husband didn’t want to see me go through another miscarriage and we went to Delhi, India for a fresh embryo transfer. Although our surrogate got pregnant, she also miscarried at approximately 6 weeks (December 2013). Next we used the frozen embryos left from the initial IVF cycle which didn’t result in a pregnancy. In parallel, my husband and I decided to just try again on our own (with Femara and trigger shot as support). I conceived again in March 2014 although we were preparing to return to India in April for another round of IVF with a new surrogate.

While the first months of this pregnancy were scary, they were uneventful. I was monitored weekly during my first trimester and given progesterone, oestrogen and HCG injections to support the pregnancy. My 12 week scan showed a healthy baby and at 16 weeks it was confirmed we were having a boy. The 20 week scan showed that all parts were where they should be and the placenta posterior and near the fundus. Although I was given progesterone injections up until 28 weeks, I didn’t have any early contractions and ended up delivering a healthy 3.36kg baby boy (via scheduled caesarean section as he was breech and wasn’t going to turn) at 38 weeks.

My OBGYN was so happy with how smoothly my pregnancy proceeded that he now believes we will have “several more” babies…

Short, do not give up… it’s a rough journey with lots of heartache but the most wonderful ending one can imagine. We are over the moon!

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