Liz's Success Story

My husband and I began trying to conceive at the end of 2000.  I was 33, my husband was 32.  To our delight, I got pregnant on the first try (positive test January 2001), and we happily anticipated our growing family.  Unfortunately, my 12 week appointment showed that I had miscarried.  There was no heartbeat, and the embryo sized at about 8 weeks.  My body showed no signs of miscarrying on its own, so I had a D&C. 

I felt very helpless, and began researching pregnancy, miscarriages, and trying to conceive.  I learned about charting, and began keeping track of my cycles.  After a few months, my husband and I began trying to conceive, and after 3 cycles I was pregnant.  I went to my ob/gyn to have my hcg & progesterone tested.  Results showed my hcg was not climbing as rapidly as it should, and my progesterone levels were dropping.  I began bleeding around 10 weeks, and miscarried this baby.  My ob/gyn ran a few tests (don’t remember what they were) – everything was normal.

I kept charting, and after a few months we began trying to conceive.  I got pregnant on the first try.  We heard the heartbeat at 8 weeks, so I thought this pregnancy would be a success, but my hcg & progesterone levels were dropping.  A second test showed no heartbeat.  I had my second D&C.

I kept charting (temperature, cervical fluid, cervix height).  Everything looked normal – ie. temperature was rising & falling like it would in a normal cycle, my cervical fluid & cervix height followed normal patterns – but I wasn’t getting my period.  When I was at the point in my cycle when I should have gotten my period, I had a few days of recurring, excruciating pain – felt like something was going to rip through the bottom of my pelvic floor.   I asked my ob/gyn about these symptoms (and that my charts looked normal) after 2 cycles of no menstruation/pain when I should be menstruating, and was told that it is common for it to take several months for normal cycles to resume after a miscarriage.  Doctor ignored the pain symptoms.  She did give me progesterone to try to bring on a period, which I took.  Again, my cycle looked normal, but when I should have begun menstruating I instead was in excruciating pain.  I went to the emergency room, thinking that maybe I had an ovarian cyst.  They found an unusually thick uterine lining (1.8 cm) but no cyst, and could find no explanation for the pain.

Frustrated, I posted a question on a trying to conceive board I was a member of:  why would my cycles look normal, but I would not be having a period?  Someone responded with information about Asherman’s, and directed me to the Yahoo group.  There, I learned about Asherman’s, and what resources I had available to me to resolve my problem. 

The Yahoo group had a list of recommended RE’s, and I found a very respected one close to me.  He confirmed my self-diagnosis, and surgery was scheduled.  Before the surgery, I had a normal period.  After my surgery, I was told that most of my scarring was around the cervix, sealing my cervix shut.  There was a bit of additional scarring higher in the uterus.  My guess is that the cervical scarring ‘tore’ open a bit, so I could menstruate normally.  I don’t know what would have happened had I not scheduled the RE appointment before I got that period.  I probably would have thought I was ok again, and would have tried to conceive with the scarring still in my uterus.  Who knows how that scarring could have impacted my ability to get pregnant?

After the surgery, the RE ran additional tests to try to figure out why I was miscarrying.  (I do not believe any of my miscarriages were due to Asherman’s, as my first three pregnancies occurred before I had Asherman’s.)  My husband even did genetic testing to ensure there were no problems on his side – all tests came back fine, meaning no one could figure out why I was miscarrying. 

After a few months, my husband and I tried to conceive again, and after a few cycles, I became pregnant.  My RE supported this pregnancy with progesterone suppositories.  This time, the pregnancy ‘took’, and I had my beautiful daughter in August 2004. 

My husband and I tried for our second child in about 3 years.  I got pregnant fairly quickly, but miscarried (no heartbeat was detected at 9 weeks).  I had a D&C, and resumed my regular cycles in about a month.

We tried again in a few months.  I got pregnant within a few months. This time, my progesterone levels were quite high on their own, so my RE did not prescribe progesterone.  This pregnancy ‘took’ as well, and I had my son in September 2008.

I breastfed both children, and my cycles resumed normally after about 6/7 months.  My husband and I decided to keep our family to two children.  I had no recurrence of the pain, so I do not believe the Asherman’s recurred. 

I will be eternally grateful to this Yahoo group, which provided me with such a wealth of information on a subject my own ob/gyn seemed to be unaware of! 

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