Katie's Success Story

Hi, I just ran across your site and I realized that I have a story to share.

In 1999, after a year and a half of trying, my husband and I became pregnant. This happiness was short lived. At about 10 weeks of nausea and normal pregnancy symptoms, the doctor was unable to locate a heartbeat. At some point the baby had died. The doctor recommended a D&C.

Weeks went by and I never had a menstrual period. My doctor first tried the "wait and see" approach and then prescribed Provera. After the Provera I still had no bleeding. My doctor referred me to a Reproductive Endocrinologist. The Reproductive Endocrinologist did an Ultrasound at the first appointment and determined that I needed a Hysteroscopy. At the Hysteroscopy I did indeed have the scarring of Asherman's Syndrome. I had a balloon catheter for a week. I think having the balloon catheter was the strangest medical experience I have ever had.

After the surgery I was instructed to start trying again immediately. We were so blessed to conceive our son, Peter. He is now in Kindergarten and has been a pure joy. I am so happy that my doctor referred me to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) for several reasons. The first being that the RE was the most qualified to do the surgery. The second is that an Infertility Clinic is set up to help people with Infertility. A regular OB/Gyn office just doesn't have the time or staff to spend the time needed. For example, for the Ovulation Kits, the RE office could answer my questions, no matter how silly, within a hour of calling.

We are happy to report the success of coming through Asherman's but it was truly a difficult time for us, first the miscarriage, then the Asherman's. And of course other things were going on in our life at the same time: my husband's Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, one of my other children was beginning his journey with developmental issues, even the our beloved dog died during that same time.

I am truly thankful to have my son Peter and if nothing else, when we sit at church and pray for things we are thankful for, he is always at the top of my list.


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