Kathrin's Success Story

I think my Ashermans story began in December 2002 when I became a member of this group and learnt so much about this syndrome called Asherman's. Before, I had no hope to get pregnant, to get through the following 9 months and to have a little healthy baby in my arms. I think my Ashermans story begun in December 1998 when I had a miscarriage: my gyn couldn't hear a heartbeat at the first ultrasound examination in the 8th week of pregnancy so I had to go to hospital for a D&C. I had normal periods after the surgery.

Because I didn't get pregnant again we went to an RE for different examinations in the year 2000; there I had a laparoscopy and the RE also did another D&C during the surgery; why, I don't know. Also he said that my left uterus was full of synaechie, adhesions (this was also seen by a radiological examination later). He believed that this was a result of my first D&C. But why did he do a D&C again (to earn more money?)? -After this surgery I had no more periods but he couldn't give me an explanation or had a solution (different estrogen pills couldn't help).

I waited for three months and then I went back to my gyn who sent me to another RE. This doctor gave me estrogen again for a month but I got no period and so she told me that I would never get a period in my life. I asked her if I had Asherman's Syndrome (because I read in a book about this syndrome; one or two sentences) and she said :Yes.

We were shocked and very, very sad. Then we thought we had to learn to live without a child!!!

But a miracle happened: After altogether 9 months I got a mild period; we were so happy and the doctors also. The RE said that she would like to try insemination and said nothing more about my adhesions. We tried 5 inseminations but I didn't get pregnant and the doc wanted to try IVF. The whole time I was thinking that something was wrong, I was thinking that I must first clear my uterus of any adhesions to be able to get pregnant.

I changed my gyn and the new gyn had the same opinion : to look inside the uterus. He sent me to another RE and he did a hysteroscopy. A lot of adhesions in the left side of the uterus were seen at this surgery and also a lot of scar tissue at the entrance of the uterus blocking the cervix. So all the inseminations couldn't have worked. But the RE also knew no other solution (although the docs there are recommended by a lot of gyns in Germany). They said a surgery to get rid of the adhesions and scars has no success and they would like to do an IVF but I didn't want to.

About the same time I searched in the Internet and found someone else who had Asherman's and so I got to be a member of this group. A member shared her story over the phone and about a German doctor and it was the first time in the last four years that I thought this is the right way to go to get rid of my scarring. My Gyn thought also the same. I had my OP (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy: 75% of my cavity was closed) with success in January 7/03 and had to take estrogen pills to increase the endometrium (baby aspirin too). At my control surgery in May my cavity was still open; only my lining was not so good; so I had to take estrogen for the further next three months.

Because my lining grew to 4-5 mm only (Mid cycle); we decided to start with an IVF attempt. With the help of Gonal F injections my lining grew to 5,9 mm; I had a transfer of 2 embryos on Oct 27/03 and we had success; I got pregnant with one, in the 8th week I saw the heartbeat. It was such a good feeling (although I had some bleeding in the first three months and then one strong bleeding because of a haematoma.) I had to lie in bed for two weeks and when the bleeding stopped I was allowed to move; each day a little bit more. I got no more bleeding and about two months later the haematoma had dissolved.

A wonderful, easy and problem-free pregnancy followed. Our daughter was born on July 09/04, 04:38 o'clock, weight: 2.850g; one week earlier; the birth was not easy and the afterbirth was coming incomplete by pressing (with the help of the doctor) so a curettage was necessary. But all this was forgotten because we could have a healthy sweet baby in our arms. A further curettage had to be done three weeks later and after the surgery my gyn still saw remaining placenta pieces in my uterus so I decided to go for a third surgery to the German doctor; he could remove all the placenta pieces; I now have an open cavity and no adhesions found. Again this doctor could help me (the doctors in our hospital weren't able to remove the placenta remaining); he is great!!!

Up to now I was going through the advice and the help of this group. A special Thank you to everyone for giving " life" to this group and.

All the best wishes to the friends who are trying to get pregnant; this group gives hope; before I met this group I had no chance and no hope for a successful pregnancy.


Kathrin (who is so happy!!!)

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