Karen's Success Story

Dear Ladies,

        Have hope -- this is my story of hope and success for all the ladies suffering from Asherman's Syndrome.  I was 30 and pregnant and my husband and I were overjoyed.  At the 12th week of my pregnancy I found out I miscarried and required a D&C.  Two months later I was pregnant again and very- very guarded but again joyful.  It was a success, at 31 years old I had my first child (a girl) and it was awesome! I delivered her vaginally.  She was healthy and happy.  But, two weeks after her birth I hemorrhaged very badly.  My doctor told me this is what women died of in the early days (it was that bad).  What caused it was a retained placenta.  I had to have an emergency D&C to stop the bleeding and with this came a VERY BAD infection.  The combination of a D&C and an infection are not good because this is what I was told can cause major scarring.  But I did not find this out until much later of course.  After healing from all this (6 to 8 months later)  I was having very small periods, maybe a day or 2 and very light.  It was strange to me and I asked my OB 2 to 3 times why my light periods and he said it will get heavier as months go on. This did not happen.  A year after my first child I got pregnant again -- we were thrilled!  But 10 weeks later I found out I miscarried so off to another D& C procedure I went.  Every time I had a miscarriage I never bled.  I only found out through ultrasounds which was terrible.  At this point in my story I have had 3 D&C's and still very light periods.  I started to get worried about this cause this was NOT normal for me and my OB was still saying 'it was fine'.  Then... my own personal research started.  I found this amazing Asherman's group online and diagnosed myself instantly.  I knew deep down this is what I had.  I know people tell you not to do this with the internet but my medical condition was consuming my thoughts because I wanted more children and I knew having such light periods was not normal after being a person who always had very heavy periods.  I read many stories from this group and got the guts to ask my OB to do testing on me to find out why I was having very little periods.  He was very reluctant but did order testing.  After my test was complete he said I had something called Asherman's.  I almost started laughing because I already knew this and if it wasn't for me 'bugging' him to do testing he would have just let me go on with no direction to why and what I could do for my 'new' condition.  At this time I was motivated and eager to find out what this meant for me and future pregnancies.  I practically begged for the procedure that helps remove the scarring (hysteroscopy (spelling?).  He got an 'expert' in the practice to do the procedure, and I had the surgery done. I was excited but after about 3 months with re-testing the surgery didn't work.  The 'expert' said it was not uncommon to perform 2 or 3 surgeries with Asherman's so my OB wanted to schedule another procedure with the 'expert'.  The day before my second surgery I got a call from my OB saying the 'expert' has left the practice.  Literally, left the practice and did not work for them anymore as of the day before my surgery.  Of course this was my luck.  My OB said when they get another OB to fill the 'experts' position they will reschedule me.  At this point I was 33 yrs old and wanted another child so badly.  So I took matters in my own hands and found a doctor that was recommended and talked about highly on the Asherman's syndrome group.  I called and was scheduled to see him within one month of this time and he was FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!  I was expecting a consultation with him and maybe a reschedule of a surgery at some point.  But instead... he explained everything to me on the spot and did the hysteroscopy/ surgery that day!!!!!!!!! I was in awe and not expecting this at all.  He asked me if it was OK if he did the procedure while I was awake and just to do it in the office since I didn't have anyone to drive me home.  I said sure- why not.  During the surgery he explained everything and what he saw regarding my Ashermans. He removed all of the scarring that he could.  It was so cool to actually see him perform the surgery on the monitor in the office. It was not painful if you are wondering.   He said I had moderate Asherman's or moderate scarring.  This absolutely blew my mind.  He gave me the green light to try and get pregnant 2 months after the procedure and if I did get pregnant he would follow me during my first trimester.  Well, I still had a light period but it was a little better than before.  To much of my surprise I got pregnant right off the bat and he watched me like a hawk with weekly blood tests and ultrasounds.  I was placed on progesterone to help sustain the pregnancy.  After successfully completing my first trimester I went back to my original OB to follow me and he was stunned.  He of course realized I did this basically behind his back.  All I did was take matters in my own hands because I had hope and I wanted this so bad and things were not going to happen if I didn't make them happen.  You need to do what is right for you! During my second pregnancy I was watched by a different specialist in the practice because of other issues I had (a short cervix). I was placed on 5 months of bed rest for this.  He did frequent ultrasounds and the most interesting thing to me was when he saw the 'bands' of scarring in my uterus with the baby.  He said that as my uterus grows we can see the bands of scarring (almost like a bunch of elastic bands) stretching as my uterus was growing. I had my second baby girl at 34 yrs old and was on top of the world.  She was delivered C-section (ONLY because she was breech) and the OB said he saw my uterine scarring during my c-section. The OB said it was a miracle that I had a c-section and that she was breech because a lot of the placenta was again stuck on the sides of my uterine wall (basically I would have had another retained placenta- unbelievable!).   After my second daughter I had the lightest periods ever.  It was crazy.  At this point they lasted a day (maybe) and I only needed a panty liner.  But, when my second daughter was 6 months old I got pregnant again. In amazement we were guarded but ecstatic. My OB didn't know how cause I had such light periods.  I was put on progesterone again to help sustain the pregnancy during the first trimester.  I was approaching 36 yr old and just had my 3rd little girl.  We were overjoyed. She was delivered c-section again and the OB told me my Asherman's was definitely there to the point where he had to again 'pick' many parts of my placenta off the side walls of my uterus because it was sticking to the scarring. He said he did not know how I sustained the pregnancy with all the scarring.  In conclusion,  after my first daughter I never thought I could have another baby.  I was given hope through this Asherman's group and I found the right specialist (through this group) to help me.  A few weeks ago 1/2011 I just had my regular OB check up (a year after my 3rd child's birth) and I had a mid wife (whom I never met before) instead of a doctor.  We chatted for a while and she said I had quite a history with my pregnancies after looking at my chart.  She said she did not know too many women with Asherman's and she added she was very surprised I had 2 more children after being diagnosed with Asherman's.  At that moment it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was so proud because I beat it.  I had and will always have Asherman's, but I beat it.  I had a lot of worry and frustration over these past 6 years, but I had hope and I prayed more than you can imagine but I beat it.  Please be an advocate for yourself especially with your OB.  Listen to your body, talk openly about your concerns, find the right persons to help you, pray, and have hope because you can beat it too!!!!!!!


Karen P

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