Alessandra's Success Story

I delivered my first son on 25th Dec 2005. I had a vaginal birth and the placenta come out easily 5 minutes later. Unfortunately I had a big hemorrhage two hours later and I had a first D&C, then some hours later I had another hemorrhage and another D&C, I also had 2 units of blood transfused. I then developed fever and again, at home, I had another hemorrhage three weeks post partum, and another D&C.

When, some months later, I stopped breastfeed my son, I understood that something was wrong because my period was only some drops of blood, and I basically diagnosed myself through this site.

I saw lots of doctors here in Italy but they didn't give me so much hope, so I contacted a very skilled surgeon abroad, he told me my As was severe (uterus almost completely closed except for a small strep and one tube) and that I had 40-50% chance to cure my As and have another child.

It was a very difficult decision for me and my husband but we decided to fly abroad  where I had my first hist-lap (+ 3 week with the stent + estrogens) in June 2007.
This first surgery improved my uterus but the doctor suggested another surgery to restore it completely. So I had another hist-lap in June 2008 where the surgeon found out I had rescarred and re-opened my uterus (again 3 week with the stent + estrogens).

After this surgery my uterus was still misshaped with a strange shape of an heart, but we got the green light to ttc.
We also wanted to do IVF to improve our chance to got pregnant, but two centres here refused to do it because they didn't think we have any chance.

I got pregnant, naturally, in 2009 but unfortunately I miscarried in February, the baby's heartbeat stopped at only 7 weeks. We tried to avoid another D&C by using misoprostol but it caused to me a big haemorrhage, every doctor in the hospital advised me to avoid another pregnancy. One month after the miscarriage
I had a diagnostic histeroscopy and I found out I had retained products and had to have another surgery here in Italy to remove them and some adhesion that had reformed. My lining was only at 4,8mm at his maximum.
At this point I was really devastated, I looked for a psychological support because I thought it was over for me.

But...we decided to have a last try and I got pregnant, naturally again, in June 2010.  It has been a very difficult pregnancy, I had lot of problems: slow betas and then spotting for weeks at the beginning, a positive Coombs test (but luckily we then discovered was due to my previous blood  transfusions), short cervix already at 2.3cm at 13w and then a preventive cerclage at 14w, contrations starting at 16w and then full bed rest till delivery, and despite the cerclage and the bed rest my cervix keep shortening. Despite all the odds I was able to carry him to term and also to save my uterus.

I had a very well planned C-section at 36w+4d and my son was born perfect, weighting 2765 kg (very good for 36w!). I had some complications with the delivery but the doctors were prepared to managed it. During the C-section they found a large area of accreta and they had to do a D&C in the fundus but was able to save my uterus, then they placed a catheter inside the uterus.

Unfortunately a couple of hours later I started to have a lot of pain, like labour, because there was a large blood clot (7 cm diameter) inside the uterus that I couldn't expel. So I had another D&C to remove the balloon and the blood clot, that was already solid and stucked to the low part of the uterus. I lost a lot of blood but they had on store for me 4 units of blood and I had to use 3 of therm.
My uterus is now again really in a mess and we are trying to prevent AS from returning.

Now I'm at home and sometimes I can't believe that all that has happened to me and that I've been so lucky to became Mom again!
I want to give a special THANK to to the Lady who created this site for spreading in the world the knowledge on As, to the wonderful Dr.s and all the persons who helped me in this very draining journey.
I wish you all to overcame AS and to have your dreamed children.


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