Definição de SHG e experiências de pacientes


SHG ou histerossalpingografia, é a inserção de solução salina no interior do útero enquanto se faz uma ultrasonografia. O médico pode solicitar este exame a fim de verificar a existência de pólipos, miomas e outras anormalidades uterinas. Também é conhecido como ultrasom salino.

Definição médica

Histerograma ou Radiografia do útero **

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Patient experiences of SHG

First Experience:

“SHG – My doctor (RE) performed the test himself, in the office. I took antibiotics beginning that morning for 3 days, to prevent infection. This procedure was not bad, and I did return to work afterwards. Also, I was told to take 800mg of advil 45 minutes before my appointment. I think this was helpful. I experienced some cramping during the procedure (when the water was injected into the uterus), but overall, it was nothing like my HSG experience. The procedure did not last long, but in my case, the balloon came out twice, so then the water came out, so he had to do insert the catheter & inject the water three times.”

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