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When I gave birth to my son it took a month to register, he was mine, actually MINE. There have been nights I have woken up in a cold sweat with the horrid feeling that the whole thing was just a dream. Now nearly two months later, it has finally sunk in courtesy the sleepless nights, the diaper changes and the crying jags but hey, I am not complaining!

Throughout my two year ordeal, Polly, this website and more importantly the Asherman success stories gave me hope - especially when the rest of the world appeared to be having babies effortlessly.

In Dec 2005 I was diagnosed with a ‘missed miscarriage’ during a routine 3rd month ultrasound. I underwent a D&C (suction) and in my haze of depression and utter misery, I assumed that made sense. The alternative, of waiting indefinitely to abort ‘naturally’, was a definite no-no. I just wanted to put the whole thing behind me – ASAP.

My gynecologist did not offer me a non-invasive way out (via medication) nor did we discuss possible side effects.

Months later, my cycles went for a toss – rapidly decreasing to the point of becoming scanty and lasting barely a day. I NEVER experienced any pain and I just assumed this was an offshoot of my D&C. I ignored the problem.

Whilst TTCing with no luck I googled out my symptoms (‘No Periods’, D&C scanty periods’ etc) and discovered this site! You could say I self-diagnosed myself but a professional opinion was called for.

In May 2006 I switched gynecologists and my new doctor put me on progesterone to induce withdrawal bleeding. There was none. I was diagnosed with Synechia of the uterus as I had assumed. The extent of the damage was unclear. My new gynecologist was appalled that I underwent a D&C and pointed out that during the early stages of a miscarriage, a pill would have effortlessly cleared out my uterus.

In June 2006, I underwent a surgery at the Naval Hospital in Visakapatnam (Andhra Pradesh, India) with the doctor cutting the scar tissue gently and inserting a catheter (an IUD minus the copper). I was put on estrogen for three months, the IUD remained for three months as well. In Oct 2006 I was given the green signal to TTC.

Nada, nothing and in Jan 2007 I underwent a routine HSG, my tubes were clear but whilst injecting the dye, the technician happened to mention there was a slight blockage that flushed out. I am not sure if the dye did the trick or if this was just a coincidence but I conceived the very same cycle. Unfortunately it was a Chemical Pregnancy. My doctor however was upbeat and said that it was a good sign that I could conceive naturally. He asked me to wait it out one cycle and try again.

I did and bingo!

In March 2007 I tested positive again. I was horribly nervous despite a fabulous, symptom free pregnancy. Believe it or not but the lack of symptoms drove me nuts. I finally felt a shade more confident in the 7th month when I started feeling movements and began ‘showing’. My pregnancy began on a terrifying note (spotting in the 6th-7th week) but after that it was smooth sailing. I was on progesterone during the first trimester. I went on to deliver naturally on the 8th of December 2007 (minus an epidural) – nearly 18 days ahead of schedule.

I thought I had put the entire Asherman’s saga behind me but no such luck. I was diagnosed with dangerously low levels of amniotic fluid and induced ahead of time – a possible after effect of my botched D&C and the very through curating. Post delivery, I had a retained placenta, apparently fairly common after any uterine damage. This, the doctor traced to my D&C and subsequent Asherman’s. Had the damage been any worse, I might have lost my uterus.

In India, Asherman’s isn’t uncommon. However the term bandied about is ‘Synechia of the Uterus’. Here, adhesiolysis is treated as a fairly routine procedure. This is perhaps because D&C’s continue to be commonly performed in India however this bit of trivia needs to be substantiated. Data on D&Cs and abortions is hard to come by, if impossible in our country where female infanticide is rampant and sex determination is frowned upon.

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