Kristi's Success Story

I was diagnosed with Asherman's following a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy in 1999. The reproductive endocrinologist (RE) I was seeing performed the surgery in September. My uterus was so full of adhesions that the RE could not enter past the first few cm at the opening. The adhesions were of unknown origin (we still don't know what caused it since I had not been pg before) and strong enough that the uterus would not inflate with gas or liquid; my tubes would not fill with dye either. I was put on Lupron for four months following surgery and had another lap/hysteroscopy in Jan'2000. This time the uterus fully inflated, my tubes had normal fill and spill of dye, and the explanation was the Lupron. I took injectable medication after my first period and got pregnant in March 2000. My pregnancy was full term to 40 weeks (I had to be induced for elevated blood pressure on my due date) and without complication other than my BP at the very end. I am now on bc pill for management of endometriosis and Ash., and my little girl is a dream! I could not have had a better pg or delivery experience. 


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This book is dedicated to telling stories of women who were given no hope by their doctors but ended up with babies. 

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