Kristen's Success Story

My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage of January 2006 after which a D&C was performed. After several weeks, I experienced period pain but no bleeding. I began tracking my temperature to determine whether I was ovulating. The next month I experienced very severe period pain and again no bleeding. My temperature chart indicated that I was ovulating. The pain was so bad that I went to the Emergency department at my local hospital where the D&C was performed. An ultrasound was performed and the obstetrician said that everything looked fine and that it was most likely a hormone imbalance. I told her that I had tracked my temperature which indicated that I had ovulated but she dismissed it and said that I would not have ovulated. She told me to take progesterone for 10 days to see whether that worked. I had googled my symptoms and read up on Asherman's Syndrome. I raised the idea with the obstetrician who dismissed it as being too rare and nothing like that was showing up on the ultrasound. She said that if the progesterone did not work then I should make an appointment with the Fertility Clinic at the hospital that has a 3 to 4 month waiting time.

The diagnosis I received did not make sense to me so I posted my story on the Asherman's website. A member from the UK contacted me and recommended a doctor in the UK , a consultant a number of UK members had seen. I completed the course of progesterone and again I had period pain with no bleeding. I made an appointment with this consultant. He listened carefully to my symptoms and performed an ultrasound. He immediately confirmed my self-diagnosis as having Asherman's Syndrome. Even my untrained eye could see the scarring easily on the ultrasound picture! He told me that it was not a severe case and he could repair the damage. I also had some endometriosis caused my the blood not being able to escape my body.

He was able to perform the procedure under general anesthetic the following week in June 2006. The procedure went well and I given a course of hormones. My period returned in August 2006. It was not as heavy as previously which worried me a bit. He suggested I try for a few cycles before coming back for a follow up appointment. During this time, I had accupuncture which I believe really helped. In October 2006 I went to see him again to check the thickness of my lining. He said it was fine and that I should have no problems conceiving. I conceived the next month! I went back to him at six weeks and he performed an ultrasound which showed that the baby had a heartbeat. My gorgeous little boy, Daniel, was born on the 26th August 2007.

If it had not been for the Asherman's Support Group I may not have been properly diagnosed and may still be struggling to conceive.

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