Jessica's Success Story

Short History:

After years of trying and no result, I sought medical help off island and traveled to the mainland to a fertility clinic. I found out from my doctor, that I had abnormalities in my tubes and scarring in my uterus. I was devasted but had to return back to work in Guam. With my biological clock ticking and my relationship on the rocks. I found this group (Ashermans) online and was comforted with the fact that there were many women out there who were experiencing what I had been feeling.

After doing my homework I decided to travel and have the surgery performed by one of the A-List doctors from the list in March'2007. I found out I was pregnant in July and surprised that I was carrying twins in Aug'2007. I would just like to announce the delivery (c-section) of my fraternal twins (boy and girl) who were born Feb. 09, 2008 at 1544 & 1545 HRS.

Both 6.14 lbs and 18 " long.
Tano is Baby A (Boy on left)
Tasi is Baby B (Girl on right)
Tano is Chamorro for Land and Tasi is Chamorro for Sea.

Ladies, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Please don't give up.

Guam, Northern Mariana Islands

International Ashermans Association

This book is dedicated to telling stories of women who were given no hope by their doctors but ended up with babies. 

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