Vicki's Story

We had our son 4 1/2 years ago and had retained placenta which I only found out about at my 6 week check. I had a D and C and afterwards, I bled unbelievably. I felt it wasn’t normal but was told it was completely normal (which of course isn’t). At my check up after this, I was told that I would now be at my most fertile so to start trying to conceive immediately (as we took about 2 years to conceive our son through IVF due to endometriosis). We did start trying immediately and tried unsuccessfully for 18 months after which we decided to try IVF. We did 3 cycles before I even knew I had Asherman’s so it couldn’t have worked anyway. I was having a very light period regularly every month so I didn’t really realise that anything was wrong, I just thought that pregnancy and giving birth had cured my endometriosis which was why my periods were so much lighter. I never dreamed there was a problem.

The IVF doctor decided to investigate after the third failed cycle as it was strange to not have conceived especially with the good quality embryos we had. He did a laparoscopy and it was then that he found out I had very bad scarring in my uterus, blocked tubes and blocked cervix. Having no idea about Asherman’s, I let him deal with it through hysteroscopy (he had never done it before) and he said he fixed it so we did another 3 cycles of IVF which also failed. It was then that my naturopath mentioned that I may have Asherman’s which I had never heard of. When I googled it and found this web site, I realised that was what I had. I contacted an A list doctor immediately and was booked in for a hysteroscopy straight away where the doctor confirmed that I had grade 4 moderately severe Asherman’s. He treated me 3 times and then told me to try again with IVF as my tubes were still blocked. He fixed as much as he could and said it was probably enough to conceive but because my scarring was mainly in the right horn, he was unable to remove it all so I was never able to be scar free (I was 75% scar free). We tried another 3 cycles and again failed them all.

I turned 40 this year and on the advice of both my naturopath and my IVF doctor, we gave up trying. After about 4 months of deciding to give up, I had second thoughts and just wondered (like a gambler wanting to hit the jack pot) if maybe the next try would be it. I mentioned it to my naturopath who really felt it wasn’t good for my health to keep putting my body through IVF so she suggested I do the anti-mullarian blood test which is apparently a very new test but is the most accurate measure of ovarian reserve, therefore egg age and therefore fertility and chance of pregnancy. It came back that I had a very low chance of pregnancy so I was then finally convinced that it was time to stop trying and just enjoy the one little miracle that we do have. Our son is a gorgeous little boy and I am really enjoying him and appreciating him more than ever. I have also moved on with my life and started my own business (my new baby to focus on, nurture and watch grow) which is a new brand of natural skin care – something I had been putting off when my life was on hold thinking I would have another baby. It has been with mixed emotions that I have given up trying. I still look at families with 2 or more children and envy them and wish it was us and I still find it hard to see pregnant women but on the whole I have accepted my fate and am living a very full and happy life with my lovely husband and gorgeous little boy and I am a much happier person now that we have made the decision to give up and enjoy what we have. Finally we can plan our lives, plan holidays, work etc and not have to always factor on “what if I am pregnant?”, “what if I am in the middle of IVF…..”

I really hope that my story helps others. There is life after Asherman’s and you can learn to live with what life has dealt you and still have a very full and happy life. You have to make the most of what you have and look forward, not back which is what I remind myself every day.



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