Nicoles story

At 40 my spouse and I decided we would try to have children. My spouse has two boys and we decided we could try to have a baby together. As many couples experience our first pregnancy ended in the first trimester. I became pregnant again, this time making it to 3 months to the day, sadly ending in another loss. I made a difficult decision to have a D&C as I was in a lot of pain and very scared. Two months after to surgery I visited my doctor due to my periods not returning. After my periods not returning after four months, I was referred to a fertility specialist. On my 43rd birthday I was diagnosed with complete and severe Asherman's syndrome. I was told my uterus was completely fused together from the D&C. The fertility specialist says that due to the severity and complete fusion it would be too risky at my age to try to repair the damage. I have been told that my only option is surrogacy and adoption as I am now infertile. I would just like to share that the decision to have a D&C should not be taken lightly and if you think the "risks" won't happen to you, it worth putting your fertility at risk. I can tell's not, if I could go back I would, but I can't. All I can do is inform others of Asherman's and help raise awareness. Sometimes things don't work out and Asherman's can't be repaired.



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This book is dedicated to telling stories of women who were given no hope by their doctors but ended up with babies. 

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