Susan's Success Story

Hello everyone, 

This update is long overdue. To recap: One bio DD ('03), 8 miscarriages (most early first trimester) and 1 set of twins at 13 weeks and my last (April '06) at 16 weeks (triploid baby of all rotten luck or what!). AS stage I was the result of an unnecessary D&C after a nonviable pregnancy at 7 weeks (March '05). Treated with hormones and went back to ttc. Once I found out I had AS we consulted with Dr M but never required going out to LA for treatment. Was able to conceive (age 39) but God had other plans for us and even though everyone thought the baby looked great until about 14 weeks when he showed growth issue and found out he was tripoid - he died at 16 weeks. I couldn't even miscarry without complications - I had all kind of possible issues - bleeding of the uterus that required lots of attention and lots of contact with Dr M (we were one ultrasound away from getting on a plane and having Dr M deal with things when things finally looked up). I was on hormones for a short time and had a folley in for 10 days (although it fell out 2x and we just quit trying to get to the full 10 days). 

So, to make a long story even longer, we couldn't decided what to do, we desperately wanted another child but we also had one healthy and wonderful DD and maybe that was where we were meant to stop. We were so fortunate to have the right people come into our lives who suggested domestic adoption. May '06 we started the process, Aug '06 we were approved and waiting and new our wait would not be super long since there were only 7 families approved. On December 26th we met L and A and found out a month later they had chosen us to parent the baby boy L was carrying. Matthew was born Feb 27, 2007 and we were so fortunate to be at his birth, stay in the hospital and do all the feedings, care, etc.. he came home with us (as a legal risk placement since his birthparents could change their minds for the next 10 days) and we are happy to say that he just turned 4 months old last week and is happy, thriving. We are in an open adoption where we have identifying information and contact with his birthparents who are the most loving and wonderful people. 

I just wanted to tell my story as I know that so many people are struggling with AS, infertility, decisions, etc. and there are other ways to add to your family. I can't imagine my life being any different and we can finally say our family is complete.

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