Debbie D's Story

In November 1998, I gave birth to my son (my first biological child). I developed an infection during the delivery of my son, which caused the drs. to perform an emergency caesarean section to deliver my child. Both my son and I were given antibiotics for 1 week’s time following the birth. I never received my period back. I had gone to my primary dr. and requested a referral to a gyn and they said to wait, as it was normal not to get my menstruation until my body was "back to normal" from the delivery. After going back on 2 more occasions to request the referral, I was finally adamant and wouldn't leave without the referral, they then agreed to give it to me.

I went to the gyn 7 or 8 months after the birth of my son; at which time they did an ultrasound and discovered I had adhesions. This gyn sent me to a specialist in Holland who saw me in Sept. and did a non-operative hysteroscopy at that time. He diagnosed Ashermans Syndrome in October.

Dec. (or Nov.) 1999 I had my 1st operative hysteroscopy by him. He used an IUD which was in for 2 months, and I was given high doses of estrogen. Once the IUD was taken out, I remained on the hormone treatment for a few more months and when seen again for a non-operative hysteroscopy - it was revealed that my adhesions/scarring had returned (I don't know that they ever were taken away, either though!). Both fallopian tubes entrances were blocked and my menstruation still did not return. Feeling uncomfortable with the Dutch system, I decided to go to see a doctor in the USA.

In April/May 2000, I had an operative hysteroscopy/laparoscopy and had a balloon catheter place in my uterus. I was on high doses of estrogen and also took an antibiotic for one week. The US doctor was certain that I would receive my menstruation again and said that he was only able to clear scarring from one of the entrances of my tubes; that the other was too much of a mess. I went home and never menstruated.

I had an HSG in Sept. 2000 to see what was going on and where I was scarred inside (since they shoot the dye in to see where it spreads to). They saw some pockets of scarring and said that there wasn't much more that could be done. I could have another surgery or I could just try to get pregnant. I explained that I wasn't even menstruating - or if I was, no blood was ever leaving my body. They said "good luck" and goodbye.

Just after having had this last surgery, my husband and I had decided to expand our family through adoption rather than making "giving birth" to a child our focus. We wanted another child and felt that this was right for us.

Although I had decided to have the surgery with this US doctor - I had felt that I just wanted to get my body "back to normal" if possible, and to get my period back.

It wasn't until perhaps sometime in 2002 that suddenly, I started having cyclical pains and getting a "menstruation" if you can call it that. I had old blood that was shedding monthly. Then, I started to have fresh blood that was shedding. The bleeding only lasted 1 to 2 days and was very very light. I was shocked and surprised however, since I had always heard that if nothing happens immediately - it usually doesn't ever happen. I decided to be happy with the fact that I had some type of menstruation.

My husband and I are no longer trying to get pregnant, we are content with our family of 4, nor are we any longer involved in our fight against Ashermans. I think there will always be questions in my head as to how I really developed this disease, and if there was someone responsible; but I am too tired to stay angry at all the potential people who may have been involved in causing it. I have had a voice and spoken to the drs. involved, and I can do no more at this time. I remain interested in hearing the developments of curing the disease and I wholeheartedly hope that those who develop this awful disease find some peace sometime, in order to heal from the potential affects that it brings.

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