Tereza's Success Story

Nov 2003 I miscarried @8 weeks. I had a D&C and after that stopped menstruating. It was a bit complicated in my case because I was trying to get pregnant and for me a "normal" cycle could easily be 35-45 days long. But for nearly 2 years my gyn kept telling me it was normal and ok not to have a period even though I had pain and every month was at the office. He finally discussed my case with a fertility specialist and she immediately suspected Asherman's (he'd never heard of it) and suggested we try hormones first, and if after a few months I still had no lining and no period, I came to see her. We did this and in May 05 she performed the first hysteroscopy....the cavity was closed/sealed together and I was scarred in about 3/4 of my uterus and one tube. Over the summer I had an additional 2 hysteroscopy procedures and continued with hormones and an IUD and to our intense surprise when I went back for a scheduled check-up a month after the last one I had an egg about to ovulate and a lining at the bear minimum for pregnancy. He sent me home to my husband and we conceived. For the first trimester I needed extra hormones and at 8 weeks, just like so many AS patients, I started bleeding. More blood than I'd seen since my last pre-AS period and there was a blood clot between the baby and the lining of the uterus. I spent 3 days in hospital and needed to take it easy for the entire first trimester but the pregnancy continued normally after that. I gave birth in June 2006 to a daughter. We were concerned about my increased risk of placenta accreta (basically the placenta growing into the uterus) and it took nearly 50 minutes before the placenta was delivered, but when it came it was complete and caused no problems.

After that I miscarried again @11 weeks in 2007 and had a tubal pregnancy in 2008. I returned to my "fertility specialist" doctor in 2008 to see if there were any medical reasons causing me to keep miscarrying and had yet another operative hysteroscopy to cut new adhesions.. I conceived in fall 2008.

With my son I was on strict bed rest from conception and very nearly miscarried again @6weeks (labour like cramps - in hindsight I can say that it was actually worse cramps than his labour, but no blood this time). Again I needed hormones for the first trimester to hold the pregnancy and took lots of magnesium to calm uterine cramps. I spent most of the pregnancy in bed, though the complications after the first trimester were not related to Asherman's. Because of my increased risk for placenta accreta and because my even my first labour was incredibly fast and the trip to the hospital can take hours during rush hour, the doctor planned to keep me in the hospital for the week before my due date. I ended up giving birth 2 weeks early and with absolutely no problems, the placenta came spontaneously 2 minutes after the birth of my healthy son. To be completely sure that it was fine and there were no retained pieces, the doctor examined it and also looked into the uterus (with a sonogram? ultrasound? some sort of machine!.

I wanted to share my story in case it gives hope to some new folk with AS that even those of us who have multiple procedures and very scarred uterus, and who cannot make it to one of the A list doctors (there are none in my country), can sometimes have a happy end. I consider myself very very blessed.


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