Susan's Success Story

My daughter was born 3 years ago and I had a very difficult birth. She got
stuck with shoulder dystocia and I then had retained placenta which caused a
bad infection and ended in a d&c 2 weeks after birth. I didnt think much of
it and like so many people I knew nothing about Ashermans so just carried on
with my life. I was breastfeeding so I wasn't surprised when my periods
didn't come back. When i eventually stopped feeding i started to experience
alot of pain each cycle but very little blood. Again, i wasn't sure what was
normal after a baby so ignored it and carried on trying to conceive my
second child, but nothing happened.

I eventually went to a fertility 'expert' who sent me for a saline scan but
they only found a few thin adhesions which they didn't think was an issue
and since the uterus expanded nicely with the saline solution they thought i
was fine. I was delighted to conceive one month after.

Sadly the baby miscarried at 9 weeks and I just had a feeling that something
was wrong. I went to see a new doctor in London when i returned there (i was
living in New Zealand at the time) and i told him my symptoms. He
immediately said 'lets do a hysteoscopy i think you have adhesions'.  Sure
enough I had moderate ashermans. He removed what he could then and there and
when i came around he told me he would put me on a course of estrogen but
that my lining was nearly totally denuded and if this didnt work I would
have to think about surogacy.

From then on i was on a mission to make it better so i started regular
accupuncture as well as taking the medication and they worked on adding heat
to the uterus. I basically did whatever i could in addition to the
medication to help aide its recovery. Some months after i went to a doctor
in Sydney for a second hysteroscopy and he gave me the amazing news that the
adhesions were minimal and my lining had grown back. I conceived 2 months
later. As i write this I am breastfeeding my 10 week old baby boy who is an
absolute delight and I feel so incredibly lucky to have him. I know not
everybody's story ends like this but I wanted to give some hope. The
pictures of my uterus were terrible, the lining totally denuded but it
recovered with the help of some great doctors and therapists.

International Ashermans Association

This book is dedicated to telling stories of women who were given no hope by their doctors but ended up with babies. 

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