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Please, read my story about how I got Asherman´s and how I overcame it under the link ?Our Stories?. This is the rest of my story having turned into a success story. And it is the story of my three girls born after Asherman´s.

November 2001: It didn´t take long: I am now 33 wks pregnant with a little girl and hope to be delivering early January. Up to today everything went smoothly, this pregnancy is no different to the first one, though this time I won´t be able to deliver at home and instead go into a big clinic where they do have a little experiment in high risk pregnancies post Asherman´s. In March 2001 I started a law suit against the hospital that missed out on diagnosing retained placenta. In October of this year we settled the matter out of court. They paid app. US$ 6.000,- for all my expenses (an amount which meets German standards, not to be compared what is usually paid in the States for cases like mine!). Most important was the fact that they did actually admit that something went wrong!

January 2002: I have given birth to our little girl on December 20th, 2001, via a secondary c-section. The surgery did reveal that after the manual removal of the placenta again two small placenta pieces were sticking to the uterus walls (called placenta adherens) but there was no placenta accreta nor increta. The c-section went normal, my baby girl weighed 3,2 kg and was 49 cm long. I would have been given the chance to delivery vaginally if the baby had turned head down properly which she hadn´t. So she decided for a c-section herself and in respect of the placenta problem it was a wise decision: with a vaginal delivery I would have had to have a blind D&C afterwards. And we all know that with a surgeon who is not experienced this could have been the beginning of another Asherman´s nightmare!

I am now mother of two wonderful little girls. And just today I sent a birth announcement card to the gynaecologist who once said I could never ever have a second child. 

February 2005: After the birth of my second daughter, my period returned and Asherman seemed to be a problem of the past ? I fell pregnant again and had an uneventful third pregnancy till week 30. Then in December 2004, I suddenly felt less fetal movements. I waited one day and when I still couldn´t feel the usual vivid movements and instead only light ones, I went to the clinic nearby to have her heartbeat checked (we knew it would be another girl). This was the beginning of a real drama for us both, the baby and me: the heartbeat was definitely not okay, but the doctors could not find any reason why. It took only one hour from the time I stepped inside the hospital for them to suggest an emergency c-section! I could not believe that what was supposed to be a simple routine heartbeat check, was supposed to turn into a dramatic premature surgical delivery at 30+6 weeks. I will never forget how desperate I was to understand what had happened and how much responsibility I felt towards the child. It took all my strength to give my consent to this c-section. Well, our third girl was born 9 weeks ahead of her due date. She was immediately given to the pediatricians because they discovered that she had almost lost all her blood, her hemoglobin level 1,6! A few hours later and she would have died in utero. 
Till today no doctor consulted has been able to give me an explanation as to why and how this happened, I had every possible test done. 
Her blood loss was so severe that for the first 4 days in her life the doctors weren´t sure if she would survive. She was put into an artificial coma, was given oxygen etc. etc., the whole NICU ordeal. But since her blood loss was her ?only? problem, she gradually did better every day and at day 5 we knew she would make it. She spent 5 weeks at the NICU and 3 weeks before her due date I took her home. She then weighed 2000grams. From then on, she gained weight without any problems and I am even able to breastfeed her. 

September 2005: I decided to have another hysteroscopy to check yet another possibility to determine the cause of her premature delivery. And I wanted to make sure that my uterus was in a state to carry another child, especially since I had been given a D&C during the last c-section when my placenta could not be delivered easily. The specialist who already had performed such great job back in 2000 did another hysteroscopy on my request and was absolutely surprised to find another case of Asherman´s! My uterus was 40% filled with scarring AGAIN. This was even more astonishing since there had been no indication of any problems, no lack of periods, no unusual ultrasound etc. Well, he removed these as careful as he had done five years earlier. This case of Asherman´s was a lot easier to handle psychologically because I knew enough about Asherman´s by then through the support group, I knew whom to turn to and what to do after surgery. My endometrium looked good hereafter and in February 2006 I knew that we were expecting child no. 4. 

February 2007: My fourth girl is sound asleep, she is now 3 months old. My pregnancy with her was more than closely monitored, I was constantly aware of what could happen, but nothing, absolutely nothing went wrong. She was born at week 41+1 via secondary c-section and weighed 3.500 grams with a size of 49 cm. I am fully breastfeeding her and feel totally blessed to have been given the experience of one more uneventful pregnancy. BTW: Our third girl is now two years old and shows no signs of having been a preemie, she is strong willed and very healthy. 

When I was around 20 years old, I dreamed of being a mother of four girls. 
Ten years later, the diagnosis of Asherman´s seemed to hinder my dream come true once and for all. 
Now, another ten years later, I am living my dream: I am the mother of four girls. 

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