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Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to post an update, I had posted previously that I waspregnant with twins.  They arrived on May 15 at 33w4days.  Albert Joseph weighed 5.1 lbs and Nora Rose was 3.8 lbs.

A brief history, I've posted my journey before and don't need to repeat it in great detail (but feel free to email me if you have specific questions):

My husband and I had fertility issues to begin with, I got pregnant with twins on my first IUI tx.  Missed MC, had to have 2 D&C's within a month because they did not get everything the 1st time.  No period, dx withAsherman's.  Had 2 hysteroscopies was a non A lister, was "cured".  Lining never cooperated, neither did my husband's sperm count.  Was advised that IVF was the only way to go and the IVF meds would help thicken my lining.  My lining never got over a 6, froze 6 embryos because RE felt I could not carry a pregnancy with a thin lining.  Tried everything everyone mentions on this board to thicken my lining, to no avail.  Non a-list Dr. did a 3rd hysteroscopy, said there was nothing he could do, gestational carrier was my only option.

Joined this board, sought out treatment with an A-list doctor, who performed 3 hysteroscopies.  The 1st, he found that I was 70% scarred.  He cleared it, advised to move forward with FET.  I had 2 great periods, then a bad one.  Went back to the doctor, he found minor rescarring at the cervix.  I transferred my embryos to group at the A-list Dr.'s hospital, he did another hysteroscopy 5 days before embryo transfer to make sure my cervix had not re-scarred and that the catheter could get through.  My lining was only at 5mm and was not trilaminar.  I took no additional meds, other than what would have been prescribed to any woman going through a FET.  I transferred 2 embryos, hoping that one would stick. I never dreamed that I would even get pregnant, let alone getting pregnant with twins.  I am 37 years old and have no other children.

My pregnancy was uneventful, until 27 weeks, when my blood pressure started to get high.  Prior to that, I had them check for IC starting at 12 weeks, my MFM doctor was very familiar with Asherman's, my cervix was fine.  I wound up with preeclampsia, and was hospitalized at 31 weeks until I delivered.  I had them check for placenta accreta, another potential Asherman's complication, which I did not have either.  My kids spent 5+ weeks in the NICU, growing and learning to eat, but are completely healthy.  They've been home for almost 2 weeks.

I want to thank the wonderful ladies on this board for all of your advise and support, and of course Poly.  I was diagnosed with AS on 12/24/10 and gave birth on 5/15/14, it was quite a journey for my husband and I.  But, I now have 2 miracles keeping me busy, that I would never have had if not for this board.  I wish you all good luck, hope, and prayers on your AS journey.  


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