Jen's Success Story

In 2003 I gave birth to a full-term healthy baby boy. I hemorrhaged 3 weeks later, requiring a D&C.

I became pregnant again but lost that pregnancy at 21 weeks in April 2004 (questionable incompetent cervix). Because of my history and because the doctor thought I had retained some placenta I had a D&C right after delivery. I also ended up with another D&C at 6 weeks post-partum as I continued to bleed and they determined that I had retained products. After that my periods returned but lasting only 2 days with dark red blood (prior to that I had long heavy periods with some light days on either end). Despite the brush off from doctors about my concerns (they claimed if I had a period it could not be Asherman's but I had already discovered the Asherman's website and figured it out) I knew it was Asherman's and proceeded to make appointments with 2 A-List doctors.

Because one A-list doctor could see me right away and schedule surgery soon after, I went with him, but kept my appointment with the other A-list doctor for a date after the scheduled surgery.

In September 2004, I underwent an operative hysteroscopy during which the A-list doctor determined that I had a moderate to severe case. The surgery was a success with only a small amount of scarring remaining (he estimated 15-20%) but he advised us to proceed to try to conceive. Around that time I decided to keep my appointment with second A-list doctor and get a 2nd opinion on trying to conceive. The second A-list doctor agreed with the first A-list doctor and noted that the doctor who performed the surgery had done a good job.

I became pregnant soon after, during which I had a preventative cerclage placed at 14 weeks and was watched closely. We decided to opt for a scheduled c-section and my 2nd son was born full-term and healthy. The placenta delivered easily.

Fast forward and at some point a local reproductive endocronologist (recommended by the A-list doctor who performed the hysteroscopy) performed an SHG and determined that my uterus was in the same condition as after my surgery with the A-list doctor. I soon became pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl this year in June by scheduled c-section (also with a preventative cerclage placed around 14 weeks). The placenta was stuck in one place and I did bleed abnormally heavily after the delivery and during my hospital stay. The pathology report confirmed placenta accreta and at around 2-3 weeks post-partum I had a scare about the heavy nature of the bleeding with clots, etc. I was put on a combination of metherine and cytotec for 4 days and the bleeding resolved soon after. At 6 weeks post-partum the bleeding stopped.

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This book is dedicated to telling stories of women who were given no hope by their doctors but ended up with babies. 

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