Barbara's Success Story

In 1999 after taking 3 1/2 years of trying, we became pregnant. I was induced and Isabella was born on Dec. 5 1999, 8 days after her due date. After bleeding for 7 weeks I had a D&C because of placental tissue remains. After a year without a period, a fertility specailist told me I had Ashermans Syndrome. I had an (HSG). He told me my cervix was scarred shut. Jan. 2001 I had a diagnostic laparoscopy done. The Dr. said he made an opening but also punctured my uterus but it should heal in 4 weeks. I felt good after the surgery but 3 days later I felt worse then before. At the 4 week (HSG), the dye did go up into the opening he made, then up into the lining and out the side of my uterus. I watched this as the test was being performed. The Dr. then stopped the test and told me I would probably not be able to get pregnant again. Thinking back to the why I felt so good and then! ! ! so bad after the surgery. Before the surgery I had to take a gallon of Go-lightly to clean out my intestines. When they filled back up again I was then experiencing the infection in my intestines that I will find out about later. At that time I thought I was dying and I was only 30.

I believed my body was overeacting. First having a hard time getting pregnant, then retaining tissue, scarring after a D&C , a uterine puncture not healing after 4 weeks, I decided to get a second opinion so I found an herb specialist. He told me I had virus in my system, bacteria, yeast, parasites for 12 years, and I also found out I wasn't drinking enough water and I had to learn how to eat healthy. Overwhelming? Not really, I just took it one step at a time. Finally after 10 months of herbs and 15 minutes of acupunture my period started. Without my health being up to par I did get pregnant and miscarried at 16 weeks in July 2002. In 2003 I became pregnant .and under the careful eyes o! f my! ! new OB and my herb specialist I delivered (by c-section) 4pound 17 inch Olivia Lynn 5 1/2 weeks early on Jan. 20, 2004. She is 10 months old and doing very well, we are blessed to have both our girls.


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This book is dedicated to telling stories of women who were given no hope by their doctors but ended up with babies. 

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