Melissa's Success Story

Over the last 4 years since my husband & I began trying to start a family, I wondered if I was ever going to be able to be it is with pride, joy & thanks that I announced the birth of my son in July 2010.

My story is 3 D&C's over the last 20 years and then 4 1st trimester losses which I miscarried naturally. My monthly cycles stayed regular, but were much lighter. I didn’t have any problem getting pregnant, my problem was staying pregnant. I went to 3 different doctors who tested me for blood & chromosomal problems, but no one mentioned scarring. All 3 found “nothing” wrong and told me I was having bad luck, possibly due to my age (38 at the time), and to keep trying. I did not accept this diagnosis, and persevered to find a fourth doctor who diagnosed my Asherman’s Syndrome & treated me. I had moderate filmy scarring in my uterus (cervix was ok) which was removed via hysteroscopy. My surgery was in March 09 and I became pregnant in Oct 09.

My pregnancy was going well until 20 weeks when I went for my bi-weekly cervix length check (Asherman’s patients are more at risk for Incompetent Cervix, so I insisted that I was monitored). At 20 weeks, my cervix had shrunk below 2 cms and I had a rescue cerclage placed that same day. I went on full bedrest for 3 months (22 hours out of 24 laying down a day) and modified bedrest for 1 month, until the stitch was removed at 36 weeks. My little boy is pretty stubborn though because he hung in there until 40 weeks (!!) when I was induced due to Gestational Diabetes (they don't let you go past your due date with GD).

My labour was a gruelling 29 hours and in the end I needed an episiotomy & forceps delivery. I also had serious tearing which caught a vein so I lost 2.5 litres of blood in theatre. I ended up in the high dependency unit for 3 days having blood transfusions and trying to pull myself together. I don't remember much about those first few days though.

The great news is that my son is a superstar and made it through the whole experience better than me! He is doing really well & we were finally allowed home from hospital after a week to begin our lives as a family.

Jack is heartbreakingly beautiful and nothing that I've been through matters at all when I look at him - I'd do it 10 times over if I needed to just to see his bright eyes as he lies next to me.

I hope my story brings hope to those still fighting their Asherman’s battle. And I wanted to thank this group for all the support and knowledge that you have offered me during my journey. I will never forget it.

International Ashermans Association

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