Heidi's Success Story

For many of us, our stories are filled with chapter after chapter of struggles to regain our reproductive health. Some are desperately trying to create a family and some are trying to live pain-free. We understand. I hope that my story can provide even a glimpse of hope for one person out there struggling in this journey.

I had my daughter in September 2003. Three weeks later, I almost died twice due to a severe uterine infection and then hemorrhaging. Ultimately, retained placenta was discovered. I had an emergency D&C followed by blood transfusions. It took me about nine weeks of being in bed to recover and be a full-time mom.

I spent the next year trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I had a lot of spotting, very light periods (however my cycle has never been normal) and pain. I went to several doctors all with varying opinions. The one thing they did agreed on was that I may never be able to have more children. I did not accept that. I gathered all of the information that I had at that point and hit the web. I found this group and it saved my fertility.

Along the way, I discovered that I had scar tissue and a septum. It is a miracle in itself that my daughter made it. The placenta was partially attached to the septum which is why it didn't all come out. The scar tissue that formed then closed off half of my uterus by attaching itself to my septum. I found an Asherman’s specialist who was amazing, but it still took two surgeries to remove the septum. (He was very frustrated that he wasn't able to do it all at one time knowing that it was hard on me. I love him!) The miraculous part that is medically documented is that scar tissue remained after my first surgery in February 2005, but it was no longer there when I returned in April 2005. Only part of the septum remained. No medical professional has been able to give me any explanation. I was given the green light to TTC.

It took us several months of trying, but my son was born January 2007 without any complications. He was 9 lbs 8 oz, 22 inches long. My uterus was in good shape!! My next child (2nd post AS baby) was born August 2008. We just celebrated her first birthday!! My pregnancy with her was perfect except for her being transverse. I had to have a c-section for her, but when my OB looked in, she said my uterus again looked very healthy. I will say now, a year later, I have some pain that is similar to when the scarring was there, but my periods are normal. I'm not going to worry yet.

I just wanted to share a happy story with you and to say thank you. I may not know all of your personal stories now, but I do know that without women like you sharing, my babies would not be here. I learned so much from this group and received such support and love. This group provides a place of understanding like no other. Poly is an amazing woman that has given us and the world an incredible gift. No words can truly express my gratitude for her and for you.

I pray that each of you finds healing (physical and emotional!!) and finds peace with the monumental decisions faced.

All my best with many hugs,

Heidi S.
Maryland USA

International Ashermans Association

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