Sarah's Success Story

I really wanted to share this story because I found it disheartening finding a success story that was similar to my own situation, so I hope this might bring hope to someone out there.

I had a missed miscarriage last year.  I had a D&C after a suspected molar pregnancy and afterwards never had a period return.  After three months, I went back to my Dr who prescribed progynon to see whether I will have a withdrawal period but nothing happened.  I was then put on the oral contraceptive pill for three months to build up my endometrium lining.  While on this, I had a procedure to see whether fluid was passing through and this confirmed stage 2 Asherman’s syndrome.  I researched an A list surgeon to remove the adhesions and after 8 months following the missed miscarriage I had the surgery.  A month later my period returned and we started trying to conceive straight away.  During this period I led a healthy lifestyle (as much as I could!).  We then successfully conceived first attempt.  

I am now 17 weeks along and feeling hopeful.  I have had a cervical suture put in to prevent premature labour and on top of Asherman’s syndrome I have an incompetent cervix, a blood clot disorder and my first child came into this world premature.

Although I am not out of the woods, everything is going well so far and for this I feel incredibly lucky. 

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