Aimee's Success Story

On January 1st, 2012, my twin boys Sebastian and Leo were born with a surrogate. See article here:

I had a miscarraige in 2008 which lead to 5 months of unexplained bleeding, hysteroscopy then asherman's scarring up to 75% of my uterus. I then had two surgeries, the first a hyst/lap, then another hyst as the scarring returned. I was deemed "scarless" but damage was done. I tried a year of fertility treatments as my tubes were blocked from the scarring. I hyperstimulated on my first IVF and was aspirated twice (awful), IVF failed. I did a number of transfers that also did not take. Then I did another IVF nearly a year later that failed. I decided to use my last embryos with a surrogate as my depression was so bad I just needed to move on. The first try did not work. We transfered two embryos unsuccessfully, I was at an all time low. The second time we transfered 3 embryos, our last 3. To our great joy 2 of them took!!! My world began to shift that day, although my DH and I were sooooo worried right up until 18 weeks t o ensure the babies were ok. Slowly the light came back into my life, and on January 1st I watched both of my sons be born into the world. I cut the umbilical cords and all. It was the happiest day of our lives.

My experience with the surrogate, was WONDERFUL. I live in Canada and we are only an hour and a half away from her. She has become a dear friend and we were able to share all the major milestones together. I didn't miss a single DR appointment!

Today my boys are almost two weeks old and so healthy and perfect. I was able to breastfeed the first week (yes you can take some meds and pump leading up to birth to get the milk in), which was amazing, but it's too hard with two boys on different schedules so we've switched to formula to keep our sanity. I'm still feeding them frozen milk I pumped before they were born.

I just want to encourage anyone who is destitute not to give up because there are solutions out there. Surrogacy may not be for everyone but it was the answer for us and we could NOT be happier with the result.

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