Michelle's Story

This is my story so far dealing with Asherman's Syndrome. I delivered a healthy baby boy on April 24, 2004. My pregnancy was uneventful except for the first trimester bleeding I experience. I bled, not spotted the entire first trimester. Tests were run and nothing could be found. The rest of my pregnancy went well until after the delivery.

I had a retained placenta that had to be removed manually. It was removed and my recovery went smoothly. In February of 2006 we started trying for a second child. I went off the pill and experience premenstrual bleeding every month about 2 weeks before my period started. My periods were very light. I visited a OB in August of 2006, had an sonohysterogram and was diagnosed with mild Asherman's

In Nov. of 2006 I had a hysteroscopy done to remove my adhesions. The surgery went well. I was told that my adhesions were minor and filmy. After a couple of cycles of estrogen we were able to start trying again. No luck. My OB put me on Clomid, a Hcg trigger shot, and prometrium. After 3 months I knew it was my uterus that was stopping us from conceiving. My premenstrual bleeding had returned, and my periods were getting lighter each month.

The RE I saw was excellent. She was able to do an ultrasound that day and found my uterine lining at 4.4-5 mm. She informed me I needed at least 7mm to conceive. She is going to run the standard blood tests, semen analysis for my husband, and another sonohysterogram. She also believes that my bleeding in my first pregnancy was a sign of problems to come with my placenta.

My RE feels positive about our chances. She will remove any remaining scar tissue and insert a balloon catheter while my uterus heals. After this I will have injections to plump up my lining. My case of Asherman's is very mild, yet I have not beat it. We are anxious to give our son a sibling. If this does not work, we hope to adopt. I thank God for our son, and if tearing my uterus was the price to pay for having him, so be it. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Here's to a happy ending for my Asherman's journey.

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