Lisa B's Story

Eight days after the birth of my first baby and eight days of heavy bleeding something happened. When I went to the bathroom I realized a huge piece of something literally stuck halfway inside of me-I knew it was retained placenta. I had my suspicions all week long but my son was in the neonatal intensive of care and I ignored it. I called my doctor and got the on call doctor who sent me to the emergency room. He told me I had a lot of tissue and had to have a D&C. I trusted his judgment and didn't ask any questions. I had a spinal and a D&C and felt weak but okay. I became anemic. I lost tons of blood and almost needed a transfusion. Instead I was given iron pills, pitocin and some drug (I forget the name) to stop the bleeding. I had been breastfeeding and had trouble with milk production--no one told me retained placenta could cause this.  I found out after the fact. 

Six weeks later my son came home diagnosed with a seizure disorder.  (He's outgrown it now and there is no known link to what happened to me)  Then I began to think more clearly.  My placenta came out in two pieces.  Why didn't they follow up on me?  I let it go and focused on my son.  After about eight months of no returning period I began to wonder.  I only breastfed for 9 weeks-I should have a period by now.  I lost trust in my ob/gyn and went back to my original gyn.  She put me on progesterone to bring on a period--nothing.  We tried again--nothing.  Then she tried prog. followed by estrogen--nothing.  This confirmed her suspicion that I had scarring due to the D&C. Luckily she knew of Ashermans and diagnosed me with this syndrome. 

I still have unanswered questions.  I do not know if I had an infection. I know was hemorrhaging and only wish I followed my gut and caught it sooner before it became an emergency to have the D&C. Now I experience painful cramping without bleeding during my "period" each month.  I will be going to a specialist.  My son is a year old and I hope to have a brother or sister for him in the near future.

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