Lisa 2's Story

My son Robert James was born August 1, 1997. It was the most wonderful day of my life, I did not know then that I would never get to experience that feeling again. The doctor that delivered my son had an eye infection at that time, he was wearing dark sunglasses and when I asked him why he said he had just put drops into his eyes for an infection. I did not think anything of it. My son was born and the placenta was removed or so I thought.

About 2 weeks later I was still bleeding heavy I called his office and he told me it was normal not to worry (famous last words). I took my son in for his one month check up with my family doctor and she asked me how I was feeling I told her that I was still bleeding so she sent me for an ultrasound, it was discovered that there was retained placenta.

I went back to the doctor that delivered my son and the first thing he said to me was I am so sorry I should have been paying more attention. I should have clued in then but I did not. He was in a hurry that day and I was a problem for him, he had to do my D&C that day. He had the media waiting for him because he was going to Bejing China the next day to head up the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in an American Hospital. He performed my D&C that day and I felt fine no signs of infection at all. A couple of months later I was not getting a period and I went to see a doctor and he could not figure out what was wrong, he tried hormones and nothing worked. I then went to see a different doctor and he did an HSG and a lap/hyst and at the same time punctured my uterus. It did not work, no period.

After almost a year of seeing him I left and went and saw another doctor who specializes in Ashermans. He did an HSG and a lap/hyst and basically told me that he did not think that I would be able to carry another child because my uterus was so badly damaged, he told me that when the doctor performed my D&C he removed all of my lining. I ended up getting pregnant in December 1999 only to miscarry in March 2000. The doctors had no other choice but to do a hysterectomy. My hysterectomy was done March 3, 2000. A date that I will never forget. It is still hard to deal with emotionally but I am trying to stay strong for my son. I thank God everyday that I have my son. I just want to tell everyone out there please always get second opinions and always keep track of all your appointments, surgeries etc. I wish you all the best and I am praying for all of you out there that are suffering with Ashermans. Please do not give up there is hope!!!!

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This book is dedicated to telling stories of women who were given no hope by their doctors but ended up with babies. 

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